Халаалт, Хөргөлт, Агааржуулалт



Technical information:

  • Air Flow: 3000 - 28000 m3/h
  • Type: Regarding the air flow and pressure size will be different
  • Installation: In the special foundation
  • Insulation: Standart 50mm thickness
  • Application: Outside and inside
  • Function:

Our company offers swimming pool Air Handling Units from Czech manufacturer Remak. Remak designs every swimming-pool unit to meet the needs of customer’s business plan, technical requirements and local climatic conditions; therefore, it is always a unique unit. Every swimming-pool unit needs to pass a type test to verify its functionality and reliability before delivery. To be sure, Ремак provides supervision over maintenance, installation and thorough operating training for every swimming-pool unit we deliver. The measuring & control system is a key factor for operational reliability and low costs. Therefore, we deliver it with every machine.

The unit controls the humidity and temperature inside the swimming pool hall, ensures the exchange of air containing dangerous chloramines with fresh air, blows the building structures with hot and dry air to avoid moisture condensation and cold radiation while partly covering building heat losses and gains, and warming the swimming-pool water. This is all performed automatically. If the user has no experience in operating swimming-pool technology, Ремак offers customers remote administration using a remote web interface. Naturally, there is the option to connect the device to the building management system (BMS).

When designing the unit, we choose from hundreds of available pieces of equipment the ideal heat exchanger, compressor, etc. Each heat-exchanger is unique, thus we minimise the coolant volume in the circuit, prolong the service life of the heat pump elements and maximise the efficiency of the entire system. The customer always gets the technically most optimised and dimensionally minimised equipment for their money. These swimming pool ventilation units are for swimming pools with the surface area from 25 to 700m2.