Халаалт, Хөргөлт, Агааржуулалт

Completed projects

2018 year

"Swimming pool academy" /"Songino Khairkhan District"/

"Max Mall" Trade center ventilation work /"Max group"/

"Oyu Tolgoi" cooling, ventilation equipment supply and installation work of new "Mazaalai" site-kitchen with capacity of 2000 people

"International School of Ulaanbaatar" ventilation work

"River Tower" apartment and trade center /"NCD Group"/

2017 year

"Khaan buuz" ventilation work /"Khaan khuns ХХК"/

Embassy Tower office and apartment ventilation work

"Jardin Residence" apartment ventilation work /"S Development" ХХК/

"220K" Swimming pool ventilation work /"Max Palace" LLC/

"Bella Vista" swimming pool ventilation work /"MCS Property"/

"Orchlon International School" ventilation work /"Suruga Mongol LLC"/

2016 year

"Ulaanbaatar" construction ventilation work /"Ulaanbaatar city bank"/

"M Plaza", "Holiday Inn" hotel ventilation work /"Max palace"/

2014 year

"Gegeenten Entertainment Center" trade center ventilation work

2013 year

"Maternity Clinic №1" ventilation work

2012 year

"State Medical Center №1" construction ventilation work

"Oyu Tolgoi" - since 2012 we are constant supplier of ventilation, cooling and heating units; responsibilities of HVAC service on site.

"Transwest Mongolia" Ventilation work /Transwest Mongolia LLC/

"Nomin warehouse" ventilation work /"Chuluun-Ovoo "/

2011 year

"Victory Center" Trade Center ventilation work

"Trans Bank" ventilation work

"Urguu" hotel ventilation work

"BlueMon" office ventilation work

"MAX Tower" ventilation service

"Darkhan" State Department

2010 year

"APU-1", "APU-2", APU milky factory, warehouse /APU Company/

"Art House" office ventilation work

"Construction store" department ventilation work

"MB Beer Plus" ventilation work /"Itgelt Orshikh LLC"/

"Bileg" store ventilation

2009 year

"Nomin" Department Store ventilation

2008 year

"The Corporate" hotel ventilation work

"Төрийн Ордон" ventilation widening work

"Grand Plaza" complex /"Jiguur Grand group"/

"Gurvan Gal" LLC trade center ventilation work

"Home Plaza" ventilation work

"Naran Plaza" ventilation work

"Nomin Plaza" ventilation work

"Top Mebel" ventilation work

"UB" ventilation work

2007 year

Vitafit warehouse ventilation /Vitafit LLC/

"Golomt" apartment ventilation

"Gem International" factory ventilation /“Gem International” LLC

"Zoos Bank" construction ventilation

"Grand Office" swimming pool ventilation

"Goyo" warehouse ventilation /"Goyo LLC"/

"Gandir" Trade center ventilation

IVCO construction ventilation /"IVCO LLC"/

"Songdo" medicine center ventilation

"Kyokushu Tower" hotel, office center ventilation

"Mongol Bank" construction ventilation

"Nisora Tower" construction ventilation

"Seoul Business Center" construction ventilation

"BBQ Chicken" construction ventilation /"BBQ Chicken" chain restaurant/

"Grand Khaan Irish Pub" construction ventilation

"Korchma restaurant" construction ventilation

"National University of Mongolia" 5th building ventilation

2006 year

"Achit Ekh" traditional medic center ventilation

2005 year

"EXE" Trade center ventilation

2004 year

"Mongol Bank" construction ventilation

2003 year

"Zoos Bank" construction ventilation

2002 year

"Спирт бал бурам" factory ventilation

2001 year

"Government Palace" air ventilation equipment

2000 year

"Bayasakh Trade" /"Khuvsgul Travel"/